Sometimes asking for help feels like you’re gonna get burnt, but we’re here to avoid that!

Our Vision

Ensuring Victory for you will be our Success! Every time we provide a Solution to your problem, you’re helping us get one step closer to our goals! We aim to make some great Video Games, and when we help you we gain the ability to work on our own goals in our downtime!

Our Story

Originally the concept for ForTheWin dates back to doodles on paper from Grade 9 in High School. From these humble doodles led to decades of schooling and research. The founder went to Medicine Hat College for Information Technology then did some online Video Game Hardware Design courses which led to him going to Vancouver Film School for Game Design. This led to a very broad range of skills which is why we’re here today to provide you with a wide range of Solutions!

Meet the Team

We here at ForTheWin enjoy providing you with Solutions to Ensure your Victory! Our Sole Proprietorship is a very small, but enjoyable crew. Going outside of the usual company structures, we’ve opted for assigning some life-long friends as Executives.

Thomas “TJ Hooka” Culham

Founder & CEO

A quirky and independent freelancer who decided that he’d rather put his skills and knowledge to good use, than abandon his dreams founded this company on August 1st, 2019 with the goal of doing Web hosting & Design along with IT Support and Consulting to fund his greater goals of Video Game Design & Development.


Managerial Executive Of Work

Our motivational manager and all around support system. Coming up on 17 years, she really is the youngest MEOW in business today, regarded as the best suited affirmative distraction enhancer.

Mary Jane, Ember and Bud

Right Hand Man-agers

A constant reminder that you can never have too many hands on one job. Sweet little marsupials that inspire the imagination and provide a much-needed, end-of-the-day distraction.

Next Steps…

While we are still adding products and services to our site, please feel free to contact us for quotes, consultations and support!