Been working on T-Shirts again!

About a month ago I took to making some new t-shirt designs and redoing some of the ones I had done previously. I quite enjoy the idea of people getting a laugh from my shirt, like a passive way of sharing a laugh. Back in 2008 I believe, I made a handful of t-shirt designs and got them made up for myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many sales and the shirts are mostly ruined now, but I did have a good laugh and brightened a few people’s days. After getting fired from my job and finding no web design clients I pursued the idea of making some new shirts and hope to get the old shirts up again.

I call this one my Wherewolf t-shirt, as he’s obviously just ran away from his pack… Unfortunately, this was on a Full Moon night it seems… I also made a coffee mug and sticker available for this design. You can find it on TeespringĀ here!

I also got my old Arachy Lava T-shirt design put on a variety of items there too! I really liked how this one looks, so I made sure to put it on a variety of items. Wanna cosplay a cartoony 90s punk, then this is the place to start! You can find the design here!

There’s more to come, but for the second that’s all I’ve had the chance to get online. I’ll keep you upto date as I add them through this website and social media!