Belated Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals!

Black Friday

Sorry this didn’t make it out a little quicker with a few more sites listed, life happened and I’ve been VERY busy…

Black Friday can be quite a good time of year for shopping, but crowded malls and people getting trampled sounds more like a Mosh Pit to me. If you’re a Designer though, you might want to check out some of these online deals and see if anything piques your interest.

*We use Affiliate links here, if you don’t like the idea of us making money off of referring you to these sites, please search them out yourself!*

Elementor is having a 30% off Black Friday sale! It’s one of the most highly recommended WordPress plugins, with tonnes of features and some great visuals! The parallax can be really nice if used right and it has a tonne of extra features like pop-ups, embedding various video, google maps and more all from a nice drag and drop interface.

30% off Elementor
Smashingly good savings!

Visual Composer is offering 40% off their premium package too, which if you’re using Visual Composer really helps out. I’ve used the free version and found that it’d be really nice to have access to their hub, elements and templates. Would cut down the amount of time bringing your design to final product for sure.

Yoast SEO is a great tool for Search Engine Optimization, and with the sale it’s a great time to upgrade to Pro! Between helping you rank better in search engines and the automation of tasks in the premium version, you might find this to be worth more than the investment you’re making in it!

Envato can be hit or miss, but I definitely enjoyed some of the items I picked up off of Envato Elements and the7 theme that I got off Evanto Market. Envato Elements is nice because it’s a monthly subscription and you just tell it a project name and you’re good to go! Some plugins/themes seem a bit broken or aren’t what I was expecting/wanting but the handful of things I did want/need definitely would make the $14USD/month price of the Black Friday sale worth it. Give it a look, they’re always giving away free stuff too, just no support or updates for the freebies.

WPX Hosting is apparently a very fast and very awesome hosting provider according to Matthew Woodward, who did some performance tests on a couple dozen hosting providers recently. Also, TrustPilot feedback confirms this with its outstanding feedback leaving it #1 for hosting providers. Decent pricing mixed with excellent service have set them apart from most other hosting. Their Black Friday sale consists of 3 free months for a year’s subscription… And they help homeless/shelter cat & dogs!

WP Rocket is one of the most recommended premium caching plugins I’ve heard about and tends to perform quite well under heavier loads. If you’re looking for a way to improve your performance and site speed fairly simply, then this might be a good option for you. They’re offering 35% off at the moment which is quite a nice break from the usual $49 for the lowest tier.

Well, I hope I’ve helped you find some interesting Web Design/Wordpress related content for a good deal. Be sure to let us know what you think and put them to good use! I’m sure we’ll be covering more sales here as Christmas draws closer, so if we helped you out at all please check back in the next few weeks!

Black Friday Image by mmi9 from pixabay.