Kight is Great!

So recently I got back into contact with a friend from VFS. Kight Neale, the Falafelisor! Actually, I don’t remember why I call him “K8 the Falafelisor”. He is very Philosophical but I can’t remember how the food got thrown in there, maybe I was hungry that day? Anyways, we’ve been talking about making some games and he even sent me a link to his newest project!

Kight Neale

I really enjoyed hanging out in the music stores downtown Vancouver listening to him Jam after a day of school while we were @ VFS. Glad to see he’s still making awesome music and keeping busy! If you like his music, please support him by heading to his CDBaby Store. Us independent artists of all types really need and love your support!

K8's Drawings

Kight is very versatile in a range of arts. From Story Boarding to Music to Game Design, I’ve seen some impressive work come from him!

I look forward to having a chance to work with Kight again in the future! You can find out more about the final project he worked on while we were @ VFS for Game Design on the Premonition page. Follow him on Facebook or contact Kight on a professional level using his LinkedIn account. You can also check out his Portfolio, ArtStation or his blog!