Web Designs

What’s this? Inception??!?!! Well, what can I say this was one of my first new websites and I’m quite proud of how professional looking it turned out. I’ll be happier once I manage to replace some of the stock photography, but it definitely does the trick!

Mewsixz is a dumping ground for any and all music that piques my interest. People are always telling me “Sharing is Caring”, so I guess you could say I really care about music because I love sharing songs and artists with people. This has been a fun website to work on, listening to music I like while sharing little tidbits of information when I can. Along with this I have been making a playlist driven video-radio so that visitors can either listen to a random variety of music by artists I’ve featured on the blog or they can choose a category if they’re looking for a particular genre.

Mr. Fuzzy’s comic page is something I’ve been wanting to do since grade 9. Although it was definitely different back then, I believe that’s for the better. A little more direction to the stories should make for a fun little adventure I can share with the world. Unfortunately my drawing skills haven’t improved much over the past decade or two, so it’ll probably be a monthly comic for now until I get my hands to work with me instead of against me.

The bread and butter (eventually) of this operation! The Gaming-centric hub of ForTheWin where we post about games and related news along with news about our own games. We hope that over the course of the next year we’ll have a few titles of our own under our belts in addition to having expanded on our reviews and news. So, come visit! Encourage us as this whole starving to death while making games can be hard on a nerd…

Awesome Sauce was an adventure in trying to use the mins theme with Visual Composer (which is severely limited unless you buy the Pro version…). As such it has been the hardest to modify but also one of my quickest sites to date. The idea is to introduce/inform people about products I’ve enjoyed or liked.

Game Designs

Smart Shopper was a Final Project at Vancouver Film School. Our team, which consisted of Elliot Walton, Quetzal Rodriguez, Ian Stahl, Jeremy Moncauskas, Dan Tseng and myself, Thomas Culham made what is definitely one of the most beautiful games I have worked on and I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t continue to work on it after, but I was not a big fan of Unreal Engine. I’ve heard it’s improved in the last decade quite a bit though, so kudos to them for continuing to improve their tools!

Optical Illusions